Peanut or groundnut is a species in the legume or “bean” family and popularly used in India, western and eastern cooking and also major oil seed of India. They important a nutty aroma to the food and enhance flavours, peanuts have some surprisingly potent nutritional content also have naturally cholesterol-free, and provide more than 30 important nutrients and phytonutrients. Our peanut is obtainable in bulk quantity in a promised time. Peanut, (Arachis hypogaea), also called groundnut, earthnut, or goober, legume of the pea family (Fabaceae), grown for its edible seeds. Native to tropical South America, the peanut was at an early time introduced to the Old World tropics. The seeds are a nutritionally dense food, rich in protein and fat.


Bold: We offer the Bold variety peanuts have typically reddish brown skin with oblong shape; Runner peanut varieties are popular for a few reasons. The plants produce consistently high yields. These peanuts are more frequently used for peanut butter and excellent for roasting. The kernels for runner peanuts are generally uniform in size, which makes them perfect for evenly roasting so that your peanut butter has a consistent taste in every jar.

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Karnel or Virginia: As a leading manufacturer of peanuts, we produce a premium quality range of Karnels or Virginia peanuts widely consumed in foods industries to add the taste and aroma in regional cuisines. For the best of their large size and premium characteristics, this variety is best suited for snacking instead of in peanut butter. The peanut contains vitamins, minerals, nutrients and anti-oxidants. Considered to be a superfood everywhere will agree Virginia Peanuts are the absolute best of the best!

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  • Confictionary products

Java or Spanish: Java variety has pink skin with spheroidal in shape. A smaller variety of peanut compared to others, Spanish or Java peanuts are known for their red skins and nutty flavour profile and slightly higher oil content, which adds to their flavour when roasted. Java and Spanish peanuts are typically used in candy, confections, and peanut butter. We provide high quality products that provide optimal nutrition and satisfied customer need.

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  • Coated Confectionary Products
  • Salted shelled products

RED SKIN JAVA OR VELENCIA RED NATAL: Red Skin Java or Velencia Red Natal has a sweet flavour and is commonly used for all natural peanut butter. Easy to grow without hilling, even in clay soils. We’re offering again the premium strain of this variety, with larger pods and better yields. They are also a high source of niacin and folate as well as containing a range of minerals and vitamins. Today we offer best quality wide variety of different products.

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