Grape (Vitis vinifera) is grown from temperate to warm regions; however, hot and dry climate is ideal. Indian grapes come in varied characteristics namely colored, white, seeded, unseeded, large and small berries. Indian grapes are successfully grown at and above 250 mean sea level.

Modern packhouse facility with automatic forced air system for precooling is available in all the commercial production areas. Traceability system is maintained for the product tracking. Extensive Residue Monitoring plan for monitoring the pesticide residues in grapes is implemented for consumer safety.

Nashik district is the largest grapes producing area in India, its perfect climatic conditions promote to grow grapes which are high in sweetness, nutritional value, freshness, colors and sizes. We are active in export of fresh grapes since 1993 and growing gradually since then.

We supply wide range of varieties of Indian grapes in different colors sizes, taste and packaging matching the changing global demands.

Nutrition value:

  •  Rich sources of vitamins A, C, B6
  • Rich in minerals like iron, potassium, phosphorous
  • Contains powerful anti oxidants
  • High fiber content
  • Contains essential proteins